Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Visualising Your Goals Is BS

When someone tells you to visualize your goals he plays on a couple of human traits:
  1. Greed.
  2. Laziness.
  3. Vanity.
When someone is selling you something - whether it's a product, or a dream, or a religion - these traits can be used against you.

I'm not saying every person you meet is going to try and use them against you. Nor am I saying you should be on the lookout all the time, in complete paranoia, looking for evil dudes. The world is, as far as I can tell, a pretty friendly place.


Back to our lovely traits. When you visualize your goal, say a magnificent mansion, or a beautiful lover who will complete your life, you're gradually becoming greedy. The thing is, you're not even noticing it. You vividly see this picture, and with it all of these intense emotions start coming up.

They are the emotions of desire, of wanting, of needing.



Then you're given this line: "when you visualize your goals, and you believe in them, the universe will come to your aid. I know this sounds new-agey and stuff, but it works. I didn't believe it myself, but it does work."

The law of attraction, if you can even call it a law.

It's, simply put, a call for laziness. Sure, a confidence you'll succeed helps if you're working toward a goal, but blind faith? And calling this faith a law that guarantees your success?

You won't always succeed. Will that stop you from trying?


My favorite - The feeling of self importance. When you think you know this secret, this law - and no one else know it, No one else besides you and this small group, this inner circle - you can't help it, you will become vain. This brings up another point. Feeling part of a group, and an elite group none the less. All the more to vanity.

Are We There Yet?

So, I'm on my way to whatever it is I'm after. I have all of these visualization techniques. I'm unstoppable. Only time is between me and whatever it is I want (what do I want, anyway?).

But I'm not there. I'll probably never be. Why? Did I not visualize correctly? Or enough? maybe I didn't believe in it strongly enough? Or didn't communicate clearly enough with the gods of attraction?

I'm not there not because I can't get there, but because I'm using silly techniques instead of taking action.

The solution?

Get a handle on your ego. Not by trying to destroy it, or controlling it. That creates another ego. Instead, observe it's structures. Understand them. Realize that the ego creates them to survive, that they're not real. Under observation they crumble, And down with them goes the ego.

You won't need to "visualize" your success anymore. Now we can start doing the stuff that matters.

Next time you get all hyped up about something, first observe, then see it for what it is - an ego bribe.

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