Sunday, December 14, 2008

What's so Great About Working From Home Anyway?

I don't get it. Working from home seems to be in these days. Maybe it has been in for a while and only now I've noticed it's “inness”, but still. Anytime something becomes desirable, you can put people into four categories:
  1. Those that have the desirable thing,

  2. those that want the desirable thing,

  3. those that promise or provide the desirable thing (and the means to get it),

and 4. those that don't give a shit.

My favorite is group number four. I love them, they rock. 1-3 suck in varying degrees.

So, what's so great about working from home?

Well... besides the loneliness, the long hours to pull your own weight, and the freedom to use your time however you please?

Wait a moment, I think I've misused that rhetorical device...

Back to our categories. Those that have the desirable thing, besides for salivating, you'll agree, aren't very interesting. Those that want the desirable thing are chasing a dream that probably won't make them feel all that great if they ever get it; and if they do get it, they'll probably realize they were after something else entirely. And those that promise or provide the desirable thing are, to put it simply, bitches; They're the smart ones who realize opportunities are to be found in providing the means to get the desirable thing. Whether it's tools to dig for gold, or teaching how to start a “home business”.

The thing about working from home is the promise that you can have all the freedom you want. It's like the ultimate freedom pill, as if we 1st world countries don't have enough freedom as it is. Look at those poor folks in Gaza, for instance. Now they need freedom.

But I regress.

There is something silly in making it your goal to “work from home”. Why would you want to work from home when you can get out of your home? There's so much out there: People to meet, places to see, things to do, a difference to make.

And we want to work from home? You think you can make a difference from home?

We should want to help others. And get out there and meet new people. And make some art. And write something interesting and actually read it out loud to real people.

It shouldn't be all about working from home, it should be about doing something you believe in. A mix of faith (not faith in god, I don't believe in that), purpose, and “work” you love should be the keywords.

If you have these three things, whether you work from home or some 3rd world country doesn't matter.

Working from home? A recipe for stagnation, For boredom.

The world is a big place, why limit yourself?

I want to work in the world.

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