Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Way Too Easy Being Cynical (aka making others miserable)

I was sitting about, feeling somewhat crappy, thinking what to write about next. As is natural when one feels crappy (which isn't something you should attribute too much weight to, it's only a feeling), I felt almost obliged to really have a go with this feeling, You know?

So, I was experimenting with this idea and that, and at some point I came to the conclusion that it's way too easy being cynical. Now, why does that matter?

After thinking about it for a while, I realized, that if something is too easy, it has to be too easy for a reason. No kidding you say? Well, yeah...

The reason it's too easy is because, you either have a "talent" for it (I'm not a big believer of talent), or because it's not worth doing. If you have a talent for it then that's great. Pursue it. You'll still encounter tough spots in spite of your talent. Those are probably the opportunities to learn. But if it's something you wouldn't think of yourself as "having a talent for", and at the same time it's way too easy, then something is wrong.

For instance, I never heard anyone say, “I have a talent for gossip” , or “for negativity”, or “for cynicism”, or “for criticism”, or just “I have a talent for being a pain in the ass”. Doesn't sound quite right, does it? These are all things anyone can do regardless of any special talent, gift or training. You just don't need practice in making others miserable. Sure, you'll get good at it if you do practice. Some people get really good at it.

But easy things are not worth doing.

Unless they're fun.

Ever heard a person say "I love making others miserable"? My point exactly.

I did know someone who took pride in his cynicism. Know the type? A fun bunch, no doubt about it...

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