Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fucking "hello world"!

The question that bothers me the most is why did I add yet another blog to a crowded net? The reason is simple, and frankly, quite selfish. I want to write a lot, I want to do so anonymously, and most of all, I want to write crappy stuff, that is, without the pain of embarrassment that comes from writing painfully crappy stuff. My writing sucks, and if I ever plan to become somehow good at it, I have to write a lot of shitty stuff.

For my own amusement, and since lists are so popular on the net, here's one for you:

Top 6 reasons why I started my own blog

  1. It provides an anonymous medium to write extremely shitty stuff.
  2. Experimenting.
  3. I want to become a master, black belt, enlightened writer.
  4. Everyone else is doing it, so, for once, I decided to go with the crowd since the conformity created around non-conformity is quite annoying... sucks all the fun out of it.
  5. Only through shittyness do I improve.
  6. No embarrassment.

How's that for a list?

To continue...

I'll be writing about pretty much whatever jumps into my head and hopefully it's not so bad as to make you feel nasty in various places. If it does, you can poke me (

There's this long tradition in technical computer programming books to start with an example of how to force a poor machine into printing "hello world".
Strangely enough, this trend was generous enough to grace blogs; Not entirely unsurprising since the technology behind blogs was built by programmers.

So, fucking "hello world"!

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