Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's so Horrible About "let's just be friends"?

You meet a women whom you like and invite her to hang out with you. After some conversation you make your move. Then, like a beggar being tormented by a passing stranger waving a dollar, the dreaded response comes - "let's just be friends".

"Horrible!" you think to yourself. "This is unacceptable! friendship!?"

Wait a moment...


And with a women you like. So she's not interested in having sex with you. Instead she offered her friendship.

There is only one situation in life in which guys refuse the offer of friendship from a person whom they like, and that's when that person is a women they're attracted to. We turn this into an all or nothing game. If we cant have it all, we reject what might be a pretty good thing; She might turn out to be one of your best friends.

Is that so awful? Why don't we guys accept this genuine offer of friendship? Can't we swallow our prides because we "didn't get laid"?

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