Friday, December 12, 2008

Self Development - What's the Point?

Why bother with self development? The promise that you can lock yourself up in a room and by shoving info up your ass you'll get somewhere is silly.


Self development doesn't happen in your room, it happens when you're out there, in the "real world", trying things, helping people out, being a human being (or something like it).

It happens when you try public speaking for the first time, or when you volunteer for something.

It happens when you approach that women/man you fancy. It happens during conversations and during collaborative efforts, or individual effort.

And it happens when you just do something.

The same goes for "enlightenment". You want enlightenment? You won't be getting it in a cave on a rug, or on a chair in front of a screen (the modern equivalent of the cave and the rug).

Don't get me wrong, I love quite contemplation. And soaking new knowledge. But more and more I'm discovering that soaking shit won't get you anywhere. And like Vinci said, it's a tragedy to know a lot about something you never fucking did. Well, he didn't quite put it that way.

What about happiness?

Screw happiness...

Chasing happiness is the best way to never have it. It sets you up for misery.

I know I'm done chasing it, and the strange thing is, when you stop chasing it, you just might, and it will find you in the strangest moments, but you just might...

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